In which locations do we operate?

Currently we only operate in Ireland and the majority of are deliveries are based in Dublin.

Can I send a parcel to arrive at a specific time?

Yes you can schedule a delivery for anytime. To do this just edit the collection time on the online booking form. A driver will be with you at your assigned time.

How do you calculate your price?

You can use the online calculator to get a quote from A – B or use the web-booker to get a price. The price is set at €5.95 for the first KM and €1 per KM after that.

I missed a delivery, what do I do now?

If you missed a delivery you have two options. You can come and collect your delivery by bringing your failed delivery sheet and proof of ID. Alternatively you can call to arrange a redelivery. Redeliveries will be priced the same as a delivery.

Lynk Delivers Depot Opening Times for Collections?

Our main depot is in Cityhouse, Newmarket, Dublin 8 on the 3rd floor. The office is open 24/7 so you can collect your missed delivery at your own convenience

How do I track my package?

There are 3 ways to track your package. When you book online and a driver has been assigned you will be able see him collect & deliver. This is also the case if using the app for deliveries. You can also contact our team by phone (01 471 5313) and they can let you know where your package is.

Can I manage my deliveries online? How does it work?

Our online system allows you to book, track, pay and manage delivery bookings. You can edit, cancel and export booking history.

Do you do multiple drops or is it A to B only?

Yes multiple drops is something we can arrange. We can pick up at your location and deliver a number of packages around the city.

How do I pay for the delivery?

Payments can be made by cash, card or business account. Business accounts can be setup here.

Do you use bikes for deliveries?

At the moment we only use cars and vans for deliveries. Over the next few months we will be recruiting motorbikes and bicycles.


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